About me

In 2008, I graduated with a First Class MSci in Physics from King's College London.

After graduation I moved to Salisbury and began working as a professional tutor in maths and the sciences.

My past students have done themselves proud, going on to universities including (but not at all limited to!) UCL, Bristol, Rotterdam School of Management, The George Washington University, RVC and Oxbridge to study a wide range of subjects including Psychology, Medicine and Mathematics. I enjoy hearing from my past students and learning about their experiences at university and beyond.

I pride myself on my ability to make complex topics less daunting and enabling my students to see through any confusion and to actually understand their work. I am a friendly and patient tutor and I want my students to feel comfortable asking me any questions about their work, no matter how silly they make think their question is!

I believe that everyone learns in their own unique way. If a student does not understand a topic when explained in a certain way I will go out of my way to find an explanation that will click for them.

I believe that exam practice is vital for students, we will work through papers together to ensure that the student is fully confident in their exam technique and that they know exactly what to expect come exam day.

I can provide tuition to local students from my home in the centre of Salisbury and to students nationwide online. In 2015, I launched Salisbury Revision Courses so that I can reach out to more students - courses will run from 2016. For more information visit www.salisburyrevisioncourses.co.uk.

This website provides advice, recommended texts and websites as well as information on how I can help you to achieve your aims and exceed you expectations.