5 Qualities Your Tutor Should Have

1. Patience

If you are going to a tutor chances are that the explainations that you have heard from you teacher or read in a book just haven't clicked for you. One of the most common things my students' tell me drives them crazy about their teachers is that when they go to them for help they simply repeat what they already said - they are at a stalemate!

A good tutor will find new ways to explain a topic to you until they find a way that works for you - I firmly believe there is an explanation out there for everyone and it is the teacher/tutors job to find it.

2. Knowledge

It should go without saying really that your tutor should know the subject! However, it should be much more than that. Make sure that your tutor knows and understands your exam board and is fully familiar with it. Your tutor should also know where to find lots of great resources tailored for your level and exam board. 

3. Passion

Is there anything less inspiring than a tutor or teacher that you can see would rather be anywhere than here teaching you? That feeling that makes feel like you are imposing on them? 

Unfortunately, with school teachers who lack that passion, aside from complaining to the school you are often stuck with then, but remember with tutors you are in control! If they don't have a passion for their subject and for getting you to excel in your exams find a new tutor!

A good tutor will not only have the knowledge but they will also know how to motivate you, inspire you and build your confidence. Tuition is so much more than a home teacher in my opinion, they have the ability to help you overcome any self-doubt and achieve your dreams.

4. Empathy

Preparing for exams can be an emotional and stressful time. The best tutors will be able to support you and advise you in a way that will minimise your stress. I always aim to build a strong rapport with my students from day one and always keep an eye out for times when it is all getting too much. 

I think the one-on-one nature of tuition is what really makes the difference, the hours spent together go much further than just teaching. There have been times when a students has come to me after a bad day and a cup of tea, slice of cake and a box of tissues have been the best remedy. 

What I am saying is that learning can't happen if you are not in the right frame of mind. A good tutor will know when to push you and when to slow down, support you and make sure you leave tuition back on the right track.

5. Time for you

I have heard of tutors going off on holiday in the month before a student's A-levels and tutors who have dropped their students during exam periods because they also have their own exams coming up which they want to prioritise. Absolutely crazy in my opinion and I am always gobsmacked when I hear it! Thankfully, these cases are rare but they do happen.

Make sure you avoid this by confirming when you first book your tutor that they are indeed available right up to exams and will be able to support you right up to exams. The right tutor will do this without a second thought and will see it as their role to get you through to exam day as smoothly as possible.