Differentiated Homeworks for AQA Biology 2 and Chemistry 1

The next set of homework sheets for the AQA Differentiated Homeworks range is out now with ZigZag Education. They were great fun to write and are perfect for teachers to provide structured homeworks to their students, whether they are working at Higher or Foundation level.

You can get all the homework collections in the Differentiated Homework range here at the ZigZag Education website.

Here is some more information from ZigZag Education:

Differentiated Homeworks for GCSE AQA Science

Imaginative and varied homework sheets covering every topic in GCSE AQA Biology 1, Biology 2 and Chemistry 1.

  • Each standalone homework provides carefully structured support to reinforce learning.
  • Full answers included for easy marking.
  • Differentiated into Higher and Foundation tier.
  • Extension activities throughout to stretch and challenge - great for Gifted and Talented students.
  • Ready to use - perfect for easy-to-set homeworks or cover lessons.
  • Interesting activities include exam-style questions, complete the table, gap fill, prose answers, graphs, definitions, match-up, complete the diagram and more...

   What do teachers have to say about this resource?

"A well thought out resource that would be a time saver for teachers to set meaningful and well differentiated homework for GCSE Biologists."- L Marsh, Teacher and Independent Reviewer

"A very useful ‘excellent’ revision workbook". - A Shaw, Teacher & Independent Reviewer

"Contains a detailed revision of the important concepts the students are expected to understand by the end of the course. I would use this material to prepare my students for their exams." R Vaz, Tutor & Independent Reviewer