With so many books out there it can be hard to know what to get. Here I give my personal recommendations.


If you are studying the Higher exam this is the perfect complete guide for the subject.

The work is presented clearly in a colourful and friendly manner which actually making reading it fun. Even better this book comes completes with practice questions which are so important. In maths the number one way to revision is by doing lots of questions!

These books even comes with two practice papers and solutions to all of the books questions at the back and video solutions that can be accessed online - all for a bargain price!


If you feel like you are understanding the theory but want more questions get this. A book for Higher students full of exam style questions, sorted by topic. CGP includes worked solutions at the back of the book - vital for understanding where you may have gone wrong (or right!).

There are also 2 practice papers with solutions in this book and worked solutions for you to look at online.


Once you have completed all of the past papers that can be found on this website or that your school may have given you, you may still want some more practice. This is perfect for Higher students wanting extra practice.

This comes with 3 complete sets of past papers and detailed solutions complete with hint and tips and even the formula sheet. Perfect for recreating the exam experience at home with questions that you would have never seen before!


If you are aiming for an A* or an A this book is great as it focuses on this level of question, meaning that you can work on perfecting the harder questions rather than spending time repeating easier questions that you may already feel confident in.

Answers can be found in the back as well as exams tips and key words that can help you to understand what questions are asking you.

Highly recommended for top students.