Over the last 6 years it has been my pleasure to tutor and get to know hundreds of students based in Salisbury and around the world through online tuition.

Here is some of the feedback I have received in this time.


We go from Bournemouth to see Charlotte each week...that should sum it up :-)


Charlotte has been tutoring my son for a couple of months in preparation for his AS Mock Physics and Biology exam. She is a fantastic teacher and has boosted his confidence no end.


Tilly found her first session very helpful and it has given her a lot more confidence already. We will certainly want to try and book further session for the half term and Easter holidays. Many thanks.


My son enjoys his lessons with Charlotte and feels that he now has a really good Physics teacher! He is more confident of getting a good grade at A2.


My daughter is receiving tutoring from Charlotte for her GCSE Chemistry, Maths and Physics. She is thoroughly enjoying the tutoring and her confidence in these subjects and her own knowledge has greatly improved. We have been very happy with Charlotte's tuition.


Charlotte has been very helpful to my daughter with her GCSE Science revision. She has been very patient and understanding and has helped Chloe clarify many topics. I highly recommend her.


Going really well so far. My daughter seems to be very happy and her confidence is growing. I would definitely recommend this tutor.


My son George has been seeing Charlotte since September for help with his GCSE maths. He is really enjoying his tutorials and is finding them very beneficial. We have been delighted to find Charlotte and would not hesitate in recommending her.


Charlotte has built a very good rapport with my daughter, she has provided consistency which has vastly improved my daughters confidence in Maths and evident in results achieved.


Charlotte has helped my daughter in a flexible and individual way leading up to AS levels. My daughter has been studying maths, physics, and chemistry with Charlotte and has changed from subject to subject depending on her need. Charlotte has been very accommodating with this and I would highly recommend her


Thank you Charlotte for all your help over the holiday. Edward really feels he has moved forwards and his confidence is clearly improved. We are so pleased to have found you!


My Daughter has really enjoyed the extra tutoring with Charlotte and has gone into the exams feeling far more confident than before. In the short space of time Olivia has been with Charlotte it has given Olivia confidence in her own ability and has helped her so much towards her GCSES . When Olivia starts her Alevels we will continue to go to Charlotte for boosters, very pleased with Charlotte an excellent tutor for my daughter.


Charlotte has provided a great support to my daughter for Physics and also recently for Maths.


My son got on well with Charlotte and said she was an excellent tutor.


My daughter found the sessions with Charlotte very helpful and we will certainly use her again for physics tutoring.


Excellent tutor, taught me more in 6 months about A-Level Maths than I ever learnt in school. Especially good with exam preparation and she always made sure I understood a subject before moving on. Couldn't recommend highly enough!


I only had a few hours but made me understand the papers much better thankyou.


My son Jesse is feeling a lot more confident about sitting his science GCSEs this summer thanks to Charlotte. She works through past papers with him and this helps him get to grips with the exam format, pin-point any weaker areas, identify his strengths and build confidence overall for the subject - and confidence is the most important factor when it comes to sitting exams. I'd recommend Charlotte because of her focussed approach.


Charlotte was kind, paitent and calm with my daughter and in four hours covered all the work she felt unsure of or did not understand. If we get stuck again we would definitely ask for her help again! Thank you Charlotte!


Charlotte has extensive knowledge in physics at degree level and is also very keen for the tutee to understand every step of the procedures needed to work out problems. My marks increased significantly after just a few meeting


As a mature student studying maths, I would recommend Charlotte. I have found Charlotte very helpful and patient in her approach to explaning the subject.


Charlotte has helped my son enormously. She has given him specific help and advice to tackle his A2 exams this summer giving him much more confidence. I have no hesitation recommending Charlotte.


Maia has improved her understanding of what the questions were asking in A2 Biology. She has found her sessions with Charlotte very helpful. She has found Charlotte`s approach to revision very helpful and hopefully this will transfer into her grades.